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Our roofers hand nail every shingle the old-fashioned way because hand nailing provides a more effective means of fastening the shingles to your home. Here’s why:
3-nail applications

Figure 1: This nail has been applied in the proper manner. It has been driven in so that its head is fully against the shingle, holding it tightly against the deck below.

Figure 2: This illustrates what happens when not enough air pressure is applied while using an air nail gun to fasten shingles. The nail does not fully rest against the shingle, making it more likely to flop around during high winds and allowing the shingle to tear and be blown off. Because wood varies in density, with boards containing “hard” spots and “soft” spots, setting the air pressure is little more than guesswork. Sure, the operator could set the air pressure so that the nails are driven properly on 90% of the roof, but when you drive a nail into a hard spot in the decking, you get the result that is illustrated in Figure 2.

And what happens when you hit a soft spot while using an air gun? You get the situation illustrated in Figure 3. The soft spot in the decking offers less resistance to the nail and allows the nail to be driven in farther, sometimes completely through the shingle. For all practical purposes, the nail in Figure 3 is providing no support to the shingle at all.

So, even though a worker could set the air pressure on his nail gun in such a way that 90% of the nails are driven into the roof properly, that still leaves 10% that are driven in improperly. Few of us are willing to lose 10% of our shingles to the next windstorm simply because of poor workmanship.

Hand nailing means every nail is driven in using a hammer. The proper amount of pressure can be applied to make sure each nail is set properly, ensuring a good, tight seal of the shingles to your decking.

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