Skylights make a beautiful addition to your home and provide you with numerous benefits. The staff at Harris Pro Roofing are expertly trained to install skylights in your home safely and efficiently. You can expect superior results and a smooth, hassle-free construction experience. We provide a level of service that is unmatched by other roofing companies in Kingston.

You will be amazed at the way a roof skylight can transform a room and brighten it up through natural lighting.

Expert Skylight Installation

Installing a skylight requires a certain level of skill and training to make sure the skylight is installed safely and securely, ensuring your roof's integrity. Our expert team is comprised of the best trained roofing contractors in Kingston. You can have peace of mind knowing that your beautiful new skylight is properly installed and your roof is intact. For expert skylight installation, you can trust Harris Pro Roofing.

expert skylight install Kingston ON

Benefits of Skylights

Still unsure about installing a skylight in your home? While there are numerous benefits, we’ve outlined the 5 most common ones our customers tell us when they say why they love their new skylight.

  1. Save Money
    Everyone loves to save money, with our energy efficient skylights, you will do just that. Skylights will help you save money with lower energy bills because of lower lighting and energy consumption costs. Tax credits are also available for installing ENERGY STAR qualified products.
  1. Privacy
    New residential developments in Kingston Ontario are being built closer together than ever before. Installing a roof skylight allows you still fill your rooms with natural lighting. This means you can improve your privacy by covering windows your neighbors can see through and still have a bright and beautiful room.
  1. Energy Efficiency
    Skylights allow you to use daylight to light up your room opposed to electric lighting. In addition to lower lighting bills, skylights help cut down emissions because you are not consuming as much energy.
  1. Ventilation
    Skylights help to improve the ventilation in your home. This means your home will be filled with more fresh air. In addition to this, they produce an air conditioning effect by drawing warm air up and out of your home. The result is a cooling effect of fresh air throughout your home.
  1. Brightens Up Your Space
    Traditional electric lighting creates an unnatural and yellow glow. Skylights bring natural daylight into your home giving you the feeling of being outdoors. A skylight can transform a dimly lit space into a beautiful bright room you won’t want to leave. Imagine working in your home office with the feeling of being out on a patio.

If you are interested in installing a skylight in your home, please contact us for more information. We pride ourselves on helping the people of Kingston transform their homes and businesses into beautiful spaces.

Bring the beauty and natural light of the sun into your home with a skylight from Harris Pro Roofing. Contact us now to schedule an estimate.